Jun 20

Top Five Song Lyrics Sites

These five sites give lyrics to hundreds and hundreds of capoeira songs, from both angola and regional/contemporânea. Some even have sound clips so that you can listen to the melodies. Take a look... then get out there and sing in the roda!

Pequeno Cancioneiro de Capoeira Angola: Hands-down the most comprehensive songbook I've found thusfar for capoeira angola. 83 pages of ladainhas and corridos from Mestres Moraes, Valmir, Cobrinha, Joao Grande, Roberval, Janja, Lua Rasta, and others - compiled by a member of Capoeira Angola Raíz in Costa Rica. It includes the author of each song, if known, and the CD where the song can be heard.

Capoeira4all Lyrics and Clips: Ladainhas, corridos, maculelê, and samba de roda song lyrics with English translations. Many also have a short sound clip so you can hear the melody.

159-page songbook: Compiled by Espaguete of Bantus Capoeira, this book contains over 380 songs (and English translations) gathered from various sources on the internet. Also contains a pronunciation guide and a few great articles on musicality and spirituality in capoeira!

Lyrics from the old Mestres: Galho's page gives lyrics for many older CDs that were not produced with liner notes, such as the recordings of Mestres Bimba, Pastinha, Waldemar, Paulo dos Anjos, Canjiquinha, Traíra, Noronha, Eziquiel, and Caiçara.

The Capoeira List Lyrics Links: Still not enough lyrics for you? Then check out this list for dozens of other links to lyrics sites.