The dictionary contains common (as well as a few not-so-common!) words in capoeira: Nouns, verbs, musical terms, names of places and people, words of African origin, etc. For almost every entry, I've provided an example of a song lyric in which the word appears, so that you can see how the word is used in context. If you have a suggestion for a word that you think should go in the dictionary, e-mail me.

Note: Aside from a few universally accepted terms such as ginga and aú, I have not included the names of movements, since they vary so widely from group to group.

A - Abada - Axe

B - Bahia - Bujao

C - Cabaca - Cutia

D - Dar - Dobrao

E - E - Eu

F - Faca - Fundamento

G - Galo - Gunga

H - Hoje - Humaita

I - Iaia - Iuna

J - Jacare - Jogo

L - La - Lutar

M - Macaco - Mundo

N - Nao - Nunca

O - Obrigado - Ouvir

P - Pai - Puxar

Q - Quadra - Querer

R - Raca - Rua

S - Sabia - Soltar

T - Tamandua - Toque

U - Um - Urubu

V - Vadiar - Volta